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Hi - thanks for the quick responses! Unfortunately, when I look at the properties for the form or sub-forms in design, the data tab is blank - is there something I have to do to allow me to view the Data properties? Aug 19 '10 4. Are you sure you are in the form properties page? Then right click this and select properties.

They should be available from there. This ensures the focus is on the correct form. Aug 19 '10 5. Thanks munkee - found it!

Over 100 Tips for Faster Microsoft Access Databases

I set the Data Entry to yes as you suggested missingling but it hasn't made any difference! Every time I close the form and open it again I can't view the other records that have been entered.

Local Gov: How To Integrate Your Web GIS and Deeds Database

Can you suggest any other alternatives? Aug 19 '10 6. Aug 19 '10 7. My form is now working - thanks for the help.

03 Data Entry Property Information

Aug 24 '10 8. Glad you finally have everything working correctly.

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Remember to set "best answer" so others who may find the thread in a similar situation can get straight to the answer. Aug 24 '10 9. We offer an extensive range of high quality, cost-effective, affordable wintotal data entry services and solutions. India-Data-Entry-Services has a team of skilled operators who can manage your appraisal reports accurately using WinTotal and other property databases. WinTotal is a property record management database, it helps you to save time by instantly entering saved text in single or multi-field also you can manage orders, files, contacts, billing and more quite easily.

Hiring a dedicated team is one of the most preferred options for companies such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, publishing, real estate who require continuous data entry and data processing work. As you can see on the image above, the record show's in the textbox even if I didn't call it.

Data Entry/Property Records Data Abstraction in Arapaho | # by Gigajob

If so, how would the user know which record is edited? Sorry if I confused you, this should be in another topic but I just tried to bring it up here hoping that you can help me out. What I'm asking is, is there anyway that I can keep my text box blank every time I open up my form?

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